hi, i'm Simon and this is my website


here is a broad collection of projects i have startet (and even finished sometimes)
for more projects and / or more details also consider visiting my



social-media website

my biggest project thus far
a full-stack website connected to a database

written in javascript



discord bot

the first api project
a bot that connects to discord's api and replies to messages

written in c#



tic tac toe

my first python programm
quite proud 'bout that acctually
thaught it myself

written in python



pizza ordering

the most advanced c# project so far
first appearance of arrays in my code

written in c#



this website is soley committed to sir Simon Kappeler, if this is not what you were looking for then you shall leave now

i am a second-year student at informatikschule baden, the prequel to a computer-science degree
programming is my main foccus at school, hence there may be some bad marks elsewhere :)

outside of IT my interessts lie heavily on science ... stuff. i would consider myself a space- and computer nerd.
there's nothing i love more than watching the big ol' falcon 9 take off

i may not be the smartest boi but i would say that i am very curious about loads of things
learning new things about stuff i like (aka. programming, space etc. ) is the absolute best thing for me
oh and f1 is great!

business side of things:
we are mainly thaught c# at school, which makes it the language i feel most confident with
however, during me freetime i have startet several projects involving other languages
this way i have learnt some javascript and python things

spoken languages are also a source of interest for me. i speak fluent english and basic french
and will attend chinese classes as of next year!

another quality of mine is that i can get really sucked up into something.
whenever i discover a new thing, say a soviet-era rocket, i will *litteraly* read everything i find on this subject
this works for a lot of things, and i highly appreciate the effects of it. a three hour programming-marathon? sign me up!

my favorite philosopher is friedrich nietzsche by the way :)


you may contact me via mail, github or instagram, if that's your thing.
links to everything are seen further down the page

if you made it this far i am certain we need talkin' so hit me up!

oh and if you wondered why everything is written in lower-case it's because i liked the way it looks :)
may not be the most professional thing but ey, i'm writing this at 01:41 hours nighttime so






copyright Simon Kappeler, 2020